2013-2014 Literacy Coach Groups

Literacy Coach Groups are small, intensive courses of study designed to support literacy coaches as they learn the same methods of staff development that the Project's staff provides. These close knit support groups require participating coaches to teach and coach collaboratively, write and share drafts of minilessons and plans for professional development, analyze transcripts of conferences and small group work, role play, study small group work, and develop curriculum and performance assessments together.

In order to answer the Common Core’s call for the acceleration of achievement, there is an all-hands-on-deck need to study and develop methods and tools that can best help learners make progress. Coaches will be at the forefront of this effort, working with teachers to design ways to help all learners reach the high expectations of the Common Core. Those who take these courses will have the opportunities to study, practice, and further develop the Project’s newest methods of coaching and instruction as well as use newly developed tools such as performance assessments, rubrics, and learning progressions to support teachers in creating exemplars and providing informative feedback to students. Above all, participants will learn how to support teachers in making data the center of their practice; studying ways to help teachers to gather and use data to tailor instruction and keep data-at-hand to work with students.

Using the work of Charlotte Danielson and Norman Webb’s Depths of Knowledge as lenses, coaches will also look at how to raise the level of cognitive demand placed on all students and ensure the transference and application of learning across units, content areas, and grades. In addition, the courses will offer opportunities to study how to support both teachers and students in setting and achieving goals. Coaches will work to support teachers in involving students as invested partners in learning and will emphasize students setting goals and creating action plans across the year. And, coaches will study how to keep Teacher Effectiveness criteria in mind as they coach and support teachers in raising the level of their literacy practice. Supporting teachers in accelerating the achievement of all learners has never been more challenging or more important and participants in these courses will engage in work that will add to the thinking in this area. As always, the goal will be to learn how to help create and maintain consistent progress across and within grades in a school.

Coach groups meet approximately twelve times across the year. The first session is held at Teachers College. All subsequent sessions are held at one or more Project schools in our network. Project leaders may join groups on various days throughout the year.

Please Note: Literacy Coach Groups are only available in conjunction with our on-site staff development. To discuss your eligibility for future Literacy Coach groups, please write to Lisa Cazzola at lisa@readingandwritingproject.com.

Leaders Grade Emphasis Location
Collen Cruz/Shanna Schwartz 3-5/K-2 Lower Manhattan
Collen Cruz/Christine Holley 3-5/K-2 Brooklyn