Photographs and podcast courtesy of Lou Rera,
New Media Scholar, Buffalo State College.
“I have a story about everything.”

“I have a story about everything,” states Kate DiCamillo as she begins the keynote address for Sunday Parents Day, Fall 2010. She goes on to describe what it was like to grow up as a reader and writer, how the process of discovery is essential to developing characters, and why stories are a balance of light and dark.

Kate DiCamillo's Keynote Address, Parents Day, Fall 2010

Kate styles this presentation as an informal Question & Answer session for parents and their children. She delights listeners with personal insight on how and why certain childhood moments come to life in her stories. Kate describes herself as "hopeful by nature", an attitude essential to the beauty of writing.

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We have condensed the audio presentation to 16-minutes by omitting the actual questions asked by the children in the audience. The children's questions are summarized below to provide an outline for the audio podcast.

Do you have a story about when you realized that you wanted to be an author, and have you always liked to write?

How do you name your characters?

How did you get published?

How do you develop your plot?

What was your inspiration for Gloria Dumps Bottletree?

Are your books based on your childhood?

Where do you write?

What was your inspiration for Winn Dixie?

Are any of your characters inspired by family or friends?

What was your inspiration for Edward Tulane?

How do you create such strong feelings in your stories?

If you could be any of your characters, who would it be?