1st Teacher, Grade Dual Language (Spanish and English)
Kindergarten Teacher 12:1:1
Dance Teacher
Music Teacher
Art Teacher
IEP Teacher
1st Grade ESL Teacher, free-standing
Kindergarten and 1st Grade ESL Teacher (pullout/push-in)

PS280 opened PS280Q this year with 100 kindergarteners in Jackson Heights, Queens. The school will become a K-5 school and is committed to students' academic success, social- emotional well-being, and community empowerment. The majority of teachers are new to the TC curriculum, so having experienced TC teachers will be a great help! The school has a very large Spanish ELL population and will have openings in the areas listed above.


Lenia Matias, Founding Principal
Primary School 280Q
34-20 94th Street
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
P: 718.424.9031 F: 718.424.9093