Assessment Materials

The Project has compiled the following assessment materials, which we use in our professional development services.

Please free feel to download, distribute and use most of the assessment materials in your work. However, you will note that the Spelling Assessments require that you log in to your account in order to access these materials. The authors have approved access to this assessment tool only for schools that are receiving professional development services from our staff.

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Fiction Level Assessments, Concepts About Print, Letter/Sound Identification, and High Frequency Word Lists
Reading »
Narrative Writing Continuum, and Information and Opinion Writing Continuums
Writing »
Spelling Inventories and Spelling High Frequency Words
Spelling »

Benchmarks for Independent Reading, Oral Reading, and Primary Reading
Benchmarks »
Assessing a Reader, Assessing Comprehension Proficiency, and Monitoring Reading Volume and Stamina
Additional Tools »