Spotlight Article
Under Construction!
September 29, 2011 at 4:44pm

Here at the start of a new school year, much is under construction.

Once again our classrooms are full of children building joyful reading and writing lives.

Ongoing Renovations on the 8th Floor

We, too, are elbows deep in new exciting work. To help our schools, the Project community spent the summer creating curriculum maps which align to our Units of Study. These maps are tools, and they offer you a chance to think deeply about the major aims and work of each unit. You can see the whole of a unit and know where you're going. You can compare how a unit builds on the work of previous units in the grade as well as similar units in other grades. You can get a sense of the spiral curriculum and trajectory of work that is needed to help all students reach the high expectations of the Common Core State Standards. There is also space in these maps for you to make these units your own, particular to your own unique classroom.

We’ve also been deeply engaged in the work of creating learning continuums to ensure that all of our units are responsive to students’ needs. These learning continuums are each based on a skill and offer a trajectory of how that skill looks across developmental levels. You can use these as teaching tools, as tools to guide your next steps with kids and help them to deepen their work within levels as well as progress to the next. Our maps and learning continuums are draft work and they represent the Project’s newest thinking. All of the schools with whom we work can find and access the maps and learning continuums on the Atlas Rubicon website. Your school’s staff developer can provide you with the password.

Other new work at the Project is in the form of actual construction! When you visit our office, you will notice a giant wall has been put up. Our renovations are officially under way! Offices have been removed so that a stairwell can be added to lead down to where we are expanding to take over an additional floor. By Thanksgiving, we’ll have our brand new space completed! If you need anything, you can continue to find our staff on the 8th floor of Thorndike until then.

We hope you will visit us and check out our new layout once our construction is finished!