Working alongside New York City's teachers, principals, students and parents for over twenty-five years

Our Success
Visit any school affiliated with the TCRWP and you'll immediately see why the organization is a success. Pull your chair alongside and listen to the children's memoirs and essays, lean-in and listen to their literature circles and read aloud conversations and you'll glimpse why this work has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of educators the world over.

Visit TCRWP middle schools and see fervent writers, principals leading multiple book clubs, kids taking home stacks of books to read on vacation. Attend any of our Saturday Reunions (which are free and require no registration) and you'll learn why thousands of educators gather on campus--as they have now for more than seventy-five reunions--to be reminded of why we chose teaching in the first place. Success is evident, too, when one sees that books by Project staff past and present are among the best-loved, most widely-used works in the field.

What We Do
The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is a research and staff development organization housed at Teachers College, Columbia University. The teacher-educators who staff the Project are involved in long-lasting collaborations with teachers across the world. The Project has a lasting and deep affiliation with our six hundred schools, and develops ideas that are foundational to literacy instruction across the globe.

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project was founded and is directed by Lucy Calkins, The Richard Robinson Professor of Children's Literature at Teachers College. Lucy Calkins is the author of many books, including The Art of Teaching Writing and The Art of Teaching Reading. Project leaders bring specialized expertise to the Project's capacity, and work closely with the team of teacher-educators (staff developers) who staff the Project.